A social media manager has the knowledge and skills in handling clients social media accounts in order to broaden their clients online reach, boost engagement and manage customer relations to drive traffic and sales!

For business owners, handing over parts of their responsibilities can be scary. However, if they are trying to be active on their accounts, they are not putting the time and effort into the business they are building. On the other hand if they aren't active because of the time it takes, they might be losing out on opportunities to connect with their audience!

Here are some tasks that business owners might hand off to a social media manager.

  1. Engagement

Engagement is so important in order to make a business stand out when it comes to customer service. Their customers are online now, and appreciate when they are being engaged with, paid attention to and to be made to feel heard. A social media manager can be responsible for checking all platforms throughout the day and reply to comments, and address questions or concerns that customers may have in real-time through social media.

2) Create Images to go along with posts

Visuals are so important in marketing. Many times business owners outsource image creation to a social media manager to create on-brand images to which can help make their online presence look pulled together and professional!

4) Profile setup

Setting up new profiles and accounts can take a lot of work and time. Social media managers can set up new accounts, link them to websites and blog, and optimize the profiles to lay the foundation for a successful social media presence!

5) Create and publish content

A social media presence is meaningless without taking time to post consistently. A social media manager can work with a clients branding and vision to research and provide valuable content for their followers, and set up a schedule to have the content published consistently!